Current Series


Stories and situations, resources and relationships, gift, talents and abilities.  How will you use what God has placed in your hands 'JUST FOR NOW' to help others see the King and His Kingdom? 

Easter 2011

The love of Jesus is fully realized through His life, death, and resurrection. 

Christmas 2010

What gifts do you want for Christmas this year?  Join us as we consider the gifts God gives to us... the gifts we ultimately need.


A study through the book of Proverbs.

Easter 2010

Join us this Easter as we consider our need for a Savior.

Christmas 2009

Join us this Christmas as we celebrate the birth of the King... which means death to 'i'.


A study of the Gospel of Mark.

Easter 2009

Join us this Easter as we celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Christmas 2008

What are the Sounds of Christmas and how might they shape how we enter into the Christmas story?


How do we understand WHO we are?  Who God created us to be?