At GENESIS, we are committed to cultivating a culture where ALL people have the opportunity to build meaningful friendships with one another because we believe that our friendship with one another deepens our relationship with God. While each GROUP has its own unique feel, ALL GROUPS are Centered on JESUS, Built on Community, and Focused on the Mission of helping ALL people walk with God. 

GROUPS sign-ups start on SEPTEMBER 19th at our GET CONNECTED event after each service. GROUPS launch the week of September 26th and meet through June to study the scripture from Sunday, learn how to apply biblical truths, and connect with others as we walk with God together. 


 STUDIES enable people to learn about theology and understand the gospel through short-term topical studies, classes or bible studies.


Can't find a GROUP? We'd love to help you find a GROUP and also learn what is needed. Fill out this form if the GROUP you desire is at capacity so we can better understand the desire for community. 


Interested in leading a GROUP? To consider this important role in helping others walk with God, please contact our GROUPS Director, Lori Marcotte, review our expectations and complete the

GROUP LEADER application