God has not called us to walk with Him in isolation; rather, He has called us to walk with Him in the context of friendship.  We are convinced that life with God is better together. 

At GENESIS, we are committed to cultivating a culture where ALL people have the opportunity to build meaningful FRIENDSHIPS with one another for two primary reasons:

  1. Friendship with one another grows our friendship with God.
  2. God uses our friendship with one another to help the world see what friendship with Him is like.

Every GROUP will have its own unique feel, but the heart of each group is the same  WALKING WITH GOD TOGETHER.  

You can find what GROUP would be best for you by viewing our GROUP directory and reaching out to the leader of that GROUP.

GENESIS GROUPS are ongoing and open to people joining at any time. If you have any questions about GROUPS at GENESIS, please contact GROUPS Director Lori Marcotte.