At GENESIS, we are committed to cultivating a culture where ALL people have the opportunity to build meaningful friendships with one another because we believe that our friendship with one another deepens our relationships with God. GROUPS connect people into relationships that help us grow spiritually through the study and discussion of the bible; prayer for one another; and mutual encouragement and support.

GROUPS will open for men & women to join on Sunday, September 20th. Each GROUP will have its unique feel, though all seek to build community based on a shared desire to learn more about God and what it looks like to be a disciple, or follower, of Jesus. Our GROUPS are further unified through the study of scripture that was presented on Sundays.


CLASSES help people walk with God by building up biblical knowledge and then learning to apply these truths to daily life. CLASSES include short-term topical studies as well as one-time classes that help people connect with the GENESIS community.


While ALL of our GROUPS spend time in prayer, additional PRAYER gatherings specifically enable men or women to encourage and uplift each other through the practice and power of prayer.



GENESIS GROUPS are ongoing and open to people joining at any time, when space permits. If you have any questions about GROUPS at GENESIS, please contact GROUPS Director Lori Marcotte.



Interested in leading a GROUP? Informational workshops are held in November and April. To consider this important role in helping others walk with God, please review our expectations and complete the

GROUP LEADER application