GENESIS prays. We don’t just talk about prayer, study prayer, or think about prayer—we are committed to praying.  In the fall of 2013, GENESIS spent 40 days praying—gathering every morning and evening together for corporate prayer. Needless to say, we learned a valuable lesson about prayer, namely that we pray not in order to get something from God, but to be with God. We pray together so that we can be with God together. And when the people of God gather together to pray together, God does immeasurably more.

There are three primary ways you can experience and participate in prayer at GENESIS.


During the worship gathering, you can fill out a prayer card located in the chair pockets and write your prayer requests on them. During communion, you can place your prayer card on the plates located on the communion stations. These prayer cards are prayed for throughout the week by the leadership of GENESIS.


If you would like to have someone from our prayer team pray with you, for you, or for someone you know, following each worship gathering there will be men and women from our prayer team ready to pray with and for you in the front of the sanctuary.


The First Friday of every month, GENESIS gathers to pray. There will be a time of worship through song, a short devotional, and an extended time to enjoy praying together. These prayer gatherings will be family friendly as there will be no childcare.