Current Series


Join the GENESIS Community as we travel through 1 Timothy and discover afresh how the gospel of God's grace and love shapes every moment, every day.

God Is...

Knowing God rightly is the most important thing we can know.  It shapes how we relate to God, ourselves and the world around us.

A la Carte

Are we allowed to ‘pick’ and ‘choose’ what we want to believe about God?  Is it ok to approach the Christian life like an A La Carte menu?

21 Days Of Prayer

Prayer is a gift.  And the gift in prayer is God.  GENESIS is setting aside the 1st 21 Days of 2018 to pray... both individually and as a church.

Christmas 2017

What will make this Christmas the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER? 

Fresh Stories

Stories of God at work in and through the lives of men and women at GENESIS.

Summer 2017

This summer, GENESIS will consider afresh The Greatest Stories Ever Told.

Easter 2017

Join us this Easter as we consider the most remarkable event in all of human history, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 


Who He is that impacts Me. Who He is changes Me. And when He Changes Me, that impacts You.  HE→ ME→ YOU→ 

Light Has Come

This Christmas season, GENESIS will consider afresh Jesus—the Light of the world.

Don't Talk About That

Race, sexuality, economy, politics... Don’t talk about that!  GENESIS will talk about that… for one reason alone: God talks about them.