Current Series

Twenty-one Days of Prayer 2019

What might God do in response to the prayers of His people?  How might God move when His people call out to Him in prayer?

Join the GENESIS community as we set-aside the first twenty-one days in January to pray some circles together.  It will be a powerful twenty-one days filled with fresh stories of God moving in response to the prayers of His people.


A study of the book of Hebrews.


A series about the power and beauty of God's Word.

Christmas 2014

The story of God is a story that will challenge, encourage, inspire and compel you to live your story in light of His story.

One Church Gathering

The invitation from Jesus that changed everything for everyone in all of human history.


A study of six Characters that will challenge, encourage, and inspire to grow in godly, Christ-like Character.

Easter 2014

This Easter, we'll explore and examine how believing in an event that took place nearly 2,000 years ago can radically redefine and reshape who you are and how you live.

Be Generous

God has been generous to us. What might God do with a community of men and women who were committed to {be} Generous to ALL people, at ALL times, with ALL things! 

Christmas 2013

How does the arrival of an infant King impact and influence how you fit into the most important story ever told – the story of God?