Current Series


Join the GENESIS Community during this series as we seek to learn afresh the Mission & Vision of GENESIS.


GENESIS will spend the better part of 2019 and into 2020 exploring themes of hope, power, community and freedom found in the Book of Exodus.

Twenty-one Days of Prayer 2019

What might God do in response to the prayers of His people?  How might God move when His people call out to Him in prayer?

Join the GENESIS community as we set-aside the first twenty-one days in January to pray some circles together.  It will be a powerful twenty-one days filled with fresh stories of God moving in response to the prayers of His people.

Christmas 2018

This Christmas, GENESIS will explore afresh how our longing finds its greatest fulfilment in the Christmas story.


Seven churches received a letter from Jesus in 90 A.D. These letters brought both comfort and challenge. They reminded and instructed each church on what mattered most to Jesus. Every letter was personal and included an invitation to align their heart with His heart.

What does Jesus have to say to GENESIS?  We will journey through Jesus’ letters found in Revelation to discover afresh His Heart for His church.

Mission & Vision

What is GENESIS seeking to do... what are we hoping to accomplish as a church community?  What might the world around us look like if GENESIS accomplished all God was calling to be part of?

God Is...

Knowing God rightly is the most important thing we can know.  It shapes how we relate to God, ourselves and the world around us.

A la Carte

Are we allowed to ‘pick’ and ‘choose’ what we want to believe about God?  Is it ok to approach the Christian life like an A La Carte menu?

21 Days Of Prayer

Prayer is a gift.  And the gift in prayer is God.  GENESIS is setting aside the 1st 21 Days of 2018 to pray... both individually and as a church.

Christmas 2017

What will make this Christmas the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER? 

Fresh Stories

Stories of God at work in and through the lives of men and women at GENESIS.