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Longing Deferred

by Kyle Asmus on December 13, 2018

This Christmas we’re taking a deep dive into the topic of longing. We’ve already sought to discover where it’s from and why we have it, and explore the different ways we try to fulfill it. But it’s hard to talk about longing without talking about waiting. Implicit to our understanding of longing for something is the reality that we’re waiting for that longing to be fulfilled. In short, we live in this period of ‘longing deferred.’

Since we spend our lives in the “wait,” aching for our longing to be met, the question that needs to be answered is: How do you wait well? How do you wait for God? How do you maintain hope when it feels like the wait will never end? How do you grow in your relationship with God when it seems as if God will not fulfill his promises?

Join us at GENESIS this Sunday as we talk about the wait. We’ll be looking to the past to inform our present, and build anticipation for the future. This will be the third sermon in our Christmas series - Longing Deferred.