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Day 22!

by Michael Davis on January 22, 2019

Welcome to Day 22!

What an amazing 21 days it has been. When the clock struck midnight on January 22nd, 2019, GENESIS had spent 30,240 minutes in prayer. That is every second of every minute of every hour of every day for 21 days – a total of 504 hours of prayer!

Let me put that in context for you. GENESIS will gather as a church for a total of 11,520 minutes in 2019 between Sunday gatherings, First Fridays, and special services like Christmas Eve. That’s 192 hours. I am fully confident that God has already and will continue to move every time we gather as a church. But what an awesome thought that in the first 21 days of January, we nearly tripled that amount of time in prayer!

Today is Tuesday, January 22nd – day 22. I’ve been thinking a lot about this day during our 3 weeks of prayer. Here are just some of the questions I’ve been asking:

‘What will become of prayer on day 22 and beyond?’

‘Will we continue to pray with the same level of fervor, passion, excitement and commitment that we did during the first 21 days of January?’

‘Will prayer be remembered only as part of a great series we did to begin 2019, or will we continue to seek the heart of God and enjoy His presence in prayer regardless of the sermon series we are in?’

Only time will tell the answers to these questions, but THE question that has been a splinter in my mind is this: ‘If we saw God do so much during the first 21 days of January through prayer, why on earth would we stop praying?”

Well, we’re not going to stop! We are going to keep praying!

Something happened during Twenty-One Days of Prayer! We are not the same as we were on day one.

This is what prayer does – it changes us. Being in God’s presence changes our presence. We often pray in order to influence God towards doing what we want Him to do, but that’s not what happens when we go to God in prayer. He uses prayer to change us; our hearts, our minds, who we are. Sounds a bit dramatic, right? Not at all! This is the power of prayer, and this is why we won’t stop praying as a church.

During Twenty-One Days of Prayer, you had the opportunity to sign-up for a twenty-minute prayer slot. That gave you the opportunity to not only make a commitment to pray, but it created a form of accountability for you in prayer as well. Opportunity to pray, coupled with accountability in prayer, fosters and cultivates a praying people. That is our heart – that we’d be a praying people because we are convinced that God can accomplish more in prayer than we could ever accomplish on our own.

Let’s keep praying, GENESIS! Let’s continue to see ALL that God has for us in prayer!

I am convinced that God is not done with us. I am convinced that God has more of Himself that He wants us to see. I am convinced that God wants us to be in awe of what He can and will do with and through a people that are committed to never stop praying.

To sign-up for your twenty-minute prayer slots moving forward, please visit: bit.ly/neverstoppraying

p.s. When you sign-up for your twenty-minute slot you will see that we’ve opened up the form to make it possible for 10 people to sign up for the same slot.