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DAY #22

by Michael Davis on July 22, 2021

“Prayer tunes your heart to God.”  Timothy Keller

I like to think that I’m a great singer, but I’m not.  I wish I was, but no amount of wishing will change the fact that I’ll never be asked to audition for American Idol.  It’s always a bit embarrassing for me on Sunday morning when I’m singing in my loud ‘I love Jesus voice’ only to realize that my ‘I love Jesus voice’ is so far out of tune with everyone else that people around me are starting to give me that look.  You know the look that says, ‘Does that guy know he can’t really sing?’  Listen, I know – no need for any more looks:).

It’s one thing to sing out of tune but living life out of tune is a totally different story.  Some people might call it feeling ‘out of sorts’ or ‘not in sync’ or ‘discombobulated (ok, no one says that), but all of these phrases tell the same story – we’re living life out of tune.  And to be honest, it does not take much to get us living off-key.  Sin – that will get us out of tune quickly.  Selfishness, worry, fear, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, and laziness – all these things (and more) will cause us to live life out of tune.

In the same way that I can tell when I’m singing out of tune, I can also tell, or should I say ‘I can feel’ when I’m living life out of tune.  And sadly, it happens more frequently than I’d care to admit.  God has a tune for me to live by.  He has a rhythm that He wants me to keep in step with.  If you want to live every moment, every day in tune with God the key is prayer – we must be people of prayer.

We are people often looking for silver bullets to fix everything in one shot.  Well, if you want a silver bullet for a life out of tune, be a man or woman of prayer.  And I don’t mean just once a week, or even once a day, but all day, every day. 

We might not be the best singers, but we can begin living life in tune with God and all that He has for us.  Let’s pray and see how God might use a choir of people living life in tune with Him.

“Always pray and never give up.”  Luke 18:1 (NLT)