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by Michael Davis on December 31, 2019

Over the past seven years, GENESIS has been on a journey of learning how to pray; specifically how to ‘never stop praying.’ It’s one thing to talk about or read about prayer (which are both good things), but nothing can replace actually spending time with God in prayer.

As we all know, there are MANY things that keep us from prayer.  Distractions.  Busyness.  Not knowing how. Feeling like it doesn’t work or it’s just too difficult.  These are all real struggles!  But as we grow through these challenges we’ll enter into and enjoy the true gift of prayer – experiencing and encountering God.

Beginning Wednesday, January 1st, we will set aside the first twenty-one days of 2020 to pray as a church community.  There are four specific opportunities you have to engage in prayer during the twenty-one days of prayer:

  1. TWENTY-ONE MINUTES A DAY IN PRAYER – morning, afternoon, evening, it doesn't matter! Pick a time that works for you and pray for 21 minutes, specifically bringing one question to God – “How should I invest in the Kingdom of God this decade?”
  2. TWENTY-ONE SECONDS AT NOON – we’re inviting you to stop what you’re doing at 12PM in order to pray The Lord's Prayer for twenty-one seconds. You can pray longer if you want!
  3. THREE FRIDAYS IN JANUARY – we will gather as a community on Friday, January 3rd, 10th and 17th at 7PM for an extended time of prayer and singing.  
  4. FASTING ON DAY 7, 14 and 21 – we are setting aside these days to enter into a time of fasting. Use the time that you’d normally set aside for a meal for extended moments of prayer. We are not just fasting from something (in this case food) but fasting for something (in this case, the Kingdom of God).

Over the next twenty-one days, through prayer, we will seek first, above everything else, the Kingdom of God.  I don’t know all that God has for us over the next twenty-one days, but I am looking forward to seeing what He will do with a community that is seeking first, above all things, the Kingdom of God. 


  • Friday, January 3rd @ 7PM – prayer & singing
  • Sunday, January 5th @ 8:30AM, 10AM & 11:30AM – praying the Kingdom
  • Tuesday, January 7th – a day of fasting
  • Friday, January 10th @ 7PM – prayer & singing
  • Sunday, January 12th @ 8:30AM, 10AM & 11:30AM – being the Kingdom
  • Tuesday, January 14th – a day of fasting
  • Friday, January 17th @ 7PM – prayer & singing
  • Sunday, January 19th @ 8:30AM, 10AM & 11:30AM – living the Kingdom
  • EVERYDAY – Twenty-one minutes of prayer
  • EVERYDAY – Twenty-one seconds at 12PM