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Lori Marcotte


Lori thrives on fresh air, and cannot imagine living more than 30 minutes from the ocean. An imperfect woman chasing after God’s own heart, she is also on the quest to manage a busy family with her husband Jim, their two teenage girls and a pre-teen boy. Her sanity is often saved by a morning run, or run to the gym, and she is thankful for the coffee that waits for her return. She’s really not sure why her husband brews a better cup, but, after 25 years, knows not to disturb this system.

Discovering her creative side while painting sets for her daughters’ community theater, Lori now takes painting classes whenever she can. She may not know about the latest Netflix show, but she can explain why a tomato is both a fruit and a vegetable. She enjoys good conversation, the game of Cribbage, and eating black raz with jimmies (translated for non-Bostonians as black raspberry ice cream which chocolate sprinkles). She is known by her family to occasionally break out into song and dance in the safety of their kitchen.