The Ask

We often make all sorts of plans of the 'NEW' things we'd like to do, or at least try to do in the new year, but this question is more than just a question about what 'resolution' you might make, it's really a question about what you'd like to trust God with.

Over the past six months, the Elders of GENESIS have been praying over this very question.  We first answered this question on a personal level - meaning, what do we want to ask God for as it relates to our walk with Him, our wives and children?  In the Fall of 2011, the Elders began praying through what we wanted to ask God for as it relates to GENESIS.  Over the course of the Fall, we met with the Leadership Community of GENESIS on multiple occasions to share with them what we sensed the Lord leading us to ask Him for in 2012.  A question we often came back to was this - 'Does the ask reflect what we believe about God?'  Meaning, if we claim to believe that God is a big God that is desirous to do great things, then does our ask reflect that?  Bottom line - we think it does!

On January 1, 2012 - GENESIS will do a four-part series called 'the ask'.  We will not only share what we are asking God for in 2012, but we will walk through how this 'ask' will (re)shape how GENESIS does...

  • Gatherings
  • Community Groups
  • Redemption Groups
  • Church Planting

This will be a powerful series for GENESIS as we believe that God has great things in store for us in 2012!

Sermons (11)

Thank You December 30, 2012
It's a Body Thing September 30, 2012
Don't Be Surprised September 23, 2012
The Harvest is Plentiful September 16, 2012
Life on the Water July 01, 2012
All Things To All People May 13, 2012
He's Not Like This, He's Like This! April 15, 2012
Living Between 'the Ask' and 'the Answer' January 30, 2012
Church Planting January 16, 2012
Community January 08, 2012
The Church January 01, 2012