Being a part of the GENESIS sound team means being involved in one of the most critical elements of our worship services. Even though the team works in the back of the room and not on stage, sound team members have a huge responsibility for what everyone is hearing, often mixing over 20 channels of audio to provide four different audio feeds. Serving on the audio team requires a heart to serve God and the GENESIS community. A typical week involves a rehearsal, normally Thursday night for two and a half hours, and being there Sunday morning from around 7:30AM until 1PM. This may vary, and there is some flexibility, but it requires committing to an average of 6-8 hours a week when on the schedule. Being a part of the GENESIS sound team requires a commitment to serve the Church in a very important, specialized role and, while demands significant commitment, is very rewarding.

Whether you have 10 years’ experience in audio or have never been behind a mixer, you will learn audio production from highly skilled audio techs and have the opportunity to develop and hone your skills in live sound reinforcement and mixing. In order to be an audio tech, you need to be detail-oriented, able to follow directions closely, and be able to serve as part of a team and accept constructive criticism. Team members preferably have either music or audio production background, and a musical background is also helpful. Most importantly, a sound team member must have a heart to serve GENESIS through tech arts. Those who have excelled on the audio team include musicians, computer programmers, audio enthusiasts, and engineers. Eric Stirling is the leader of the audio team; please contact him to find out more. 

Eric Stirling Media Director