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Life is best lived when we are walking with God together.  The Bible makes clear that we were created by God to know God and to walk with God in the context of community.  We are not meant to live life in isolation from God or one another.  Groups are the perfect place where meaningful relationships are formed, and we can encourage, inspire, bless, and challenge one another to live lives that are honoring to God and beneficial to those around us.

Groups at GENESIS are the primary vehicle for discipleship.  It's the place where people are learning together how to walk with God.   

Groups meet throughout the week in people’s homes.  Every group will have its own unique feel, but the heart of each group is the same.  If you are new to the GENESIS community, this is a great place to begin getting to build meaningful relationships. 

The easiest way to get involved in a GENESIS group is to find the one closest to you.  You can find it by viewing our group directory and reaching out to its group leader to learn more.

Find A Group

GENESIS groups are ongoing and open to people joining at any time.  If you have any questions about groups at GENESIS, please contact the ministry team leader below.

Kendall Lankford Pastor of Discipleship