Mission & Vision

MISSION – Helping ALL people walk with God!

We believe that we were created by God to walk with and enjoy God, both now and for eternity.  When Adam and Eve chose to rebel against the plans and purposes of God - to walk away from God - all of humanity followed in their footsteps.  But God, who loves ALL people chose to walk among us so that we might be able to walk with Him again.  Jesus, God in flesh, came to live a perfect life (free of sin), die a painful death (paying the consequences for our sin), and be raised back to life (conquering sin, Satan, and death).  Those who would look to Jesus in faith would be given the gift of walking with the One we were created to walk with, both now and throughout eternity!  

VISION – So that ALL people will have fresh stories of God doing immeasurably more in and through their lives.

We are all story-tellers; it's just a question of what stories are we telling.  At GENESIS, we believe that as we are 'helping ALL people walk with God', ALL people will begin to have fresh stories of God doing immeasurably more in their midst and in our midst!

This is our mission and vision.  If this is consistent with your mission and vision, and you are committed to doing this with the life God has given you, then we invite you to walk with us, trusting that God will enable and empower us to accomplish this together.

We are convinced that life with God is better together. 

God has not called us to walk with Him in isolation; rather, He has called us to walk with Him in the context of community.  No community is perfect, which means that community can be hard and even disappointing.  Despite the challenges of community, at GENESIS, we are committed to inviting ALL people to build meaningful God-honoring relationships with one another.  We do this for two primary reasons:  our relationship with God and our witness to the world.  In short, we need one another to help one another walk with God.  For those that don’t know God, the way they will see the love of God most clearly is the way we love one another.

Groups and Serving – these are the two primary vehicles where we see meaningful God-honoring relationships taking place. Clearly, it’s not the only place, but in order to experience walking with God together, we invite ALL people to join a Group and serve. 

If you'd like to be part of a community that is committed to 'helping ALL people walk with God,' then let’s begin the journey of walking with God together.  Let’s encourage, support, and inspire one another with fresh stories of God doing immeasurably more in and through our lives!  It will be a blessing to be on this journey with you!

To learn even more about the Mission & Vision of GENESIS, please watch/listen to the following messages: