I Love The Church!

How would you describe the Church? What adjectives come to mind when you think of the Church? hypocritical? intolerant? judgmental? arrogant? We realize that the Church has been far from perfect, but Jesus died for His Church because He loved the Church.  GENESIS is unashamed to declare that we, just like Jesus, love the Church!

"I Love the Church" serves as our church membership series.  If you’d like to become a member that is on mission with GENESIS or learn more about what GENESIS believes (our doctrine), then plan on attending the I Love the Church Series.  This series is designed to be the first point of connection for those considering GENESIS as their church home, whether that be for a season or for a lifetime.  During this series, time is given to share not only what we believe, but why we believe what we believe.  We focus on examining how our beliefs shape how we live, with God and with one another. 

The "I Love the Church" membership series is offered in the winter, spring and fall. 

If you have any questions, please contact the elders at elders@genesisthejourney.com.