April 11, 2017

I was baptized as an infant in the Catholic Church.  To be honest, at only a few weeks old, I don’t really remember it all too well.

I was baptized again when I was 21… and I will never forget that day.  I was baptized at Hope Church in Wilton, CT.  I was baptized with one of my closest childhood friends Matt.

I was baptized in a hot tub.  They called it a ‘Baptistery’ – but this ‘Baptistery’ certainly looked a lot like a hot tub.  It would have been nice to have been baptized in the Ocean, but getting baptized in 90degree water – well let’s just say I didn’t complain.

I got baptized in front of a lot of people.  I knew some of them, but not all of them.  I had a lot of my family and friends present, but I got drenched mostly in front of a crowd I did not know.

I’ll never forget the day I got baptized, but more than that – I will NEVER forget WHY I got baptized.

I was a follower of Jesus – I was a Christian.

I did not get baptized to get something – say salvation.

I did not get baptized to impress God or people – not all that impressive.

I did not get baptized in hopes to get a spiritual high – doesn't really work like that.

I did not get baptized because I was pressured by people to do it – I was invited to take that step.

Why I got baptized?  Simply put, I was a follower of Jesus – I was a Christian… and I wanted everyone to know that.

It did not matter whether I knew them or not – I wanted to make a public declaration about something that I had kept private for years.  Yes, there were many who knew already that I was a Christian, but after living for so many years with so many different masks, I wanted to take off ALL of my masks and just let people know that I was with Jesus.

I had all sorts of reasons as to why I should not get baptized.

I was scared – not sure of what, but I was.

I felt like a hypocrite – wasn't always acting like a Christian.

I was embarrassed – not sure why, but I was.

I didn’t feel ready – meaning, I was still sinning more than I'd care to admit.

I was scared – did I already mention that one?

But at the end of the day – none of those were good enough reasons to keep me out of the hot tub – I mean Baptistery.  None of those reasons were more powerful than the simple reality that I just wanted to do something that I knew Jesus was calling me to do – namely, tell others that I was with Him.  It was an obedience thing... keep doing what I wanted to do, or begin doing what Jesus wanted me to do.  And getting baptized was what Jesus wanted me to do.

In essence – that’s what baptism is all about.  It’s about telling others that you are with Jesus.  It’s about going public… outing yourself as it were.  Outing yourself is not easy, especially when I knew that post-baptism, my friends would be watching me more carefully.  Specifically watching to see if I was really with Jesus, or if I just said I was with Jesus.  In many ways, getting baptized helped hold me accountable to living publicly what had been more of a private thing.  

Being a Christian is a personal-public thing.  Meaning, I have a personal relationship with Jesus, but that personal relationship with Jesus is lived out in the context of community.  Baptism makes public a personal decision.

I got baptized.  I’m thankful I did. 

What about you – have you made public what is personal?  Have you let others know that you are with Jesus?

If you’ve never been baptized before and you are with Jesus – I’d invite you to make public your personal relationship with Jesus.

You can do that on Easter Sunday, April 16th... learn more here: GET DRENCHED

Enjoy watching past Get Drenched Gatherings 




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