When It Snows? Michael Davis

December 8, 2017

If it snows on a Sunday, will GENESIS still gather for worship?  The short answer is 'generally' yes, but there are times when we will need to cancel for safety reasons or travel bans.

When it snows, GENESIS will be ready for you.  Our amazing team of volunteers will be at GENESIS bright and early to prepare the space for your arrival.  The parking lot will be plowed by 7AM, and our Parking Team & Facilities Team will make sure to have the front entrance stairs and handicap ramp shoveled out.  Our Greeters will be ready to welcome you with a warm smile and even a towel to help dry you off.  The GENESIS Baristas will make sure there is plenty of Hot Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate for all.  Our GENESIS Kids Crew will be ready to love and serve the children and the GENESIS Band will be ready to lead us in a powerful time of worship.

If it snows, GENESIS will be ready, but the reality is that depending on where you live, the roads might not be ready for you!  So when the snow comes, PLEASE use your best judgment and wisdom as to whether or not it is safe to travel.  If the roads where you live are impassable, then stay at home and participate in worship through our LIVE feed.

Watch GENESIS Online

If the leadership of GENESIS feels that it is necessary to cancel one or all of the Worship Gatherings for safety reasons, we will not hesitate to do that.  If we need to cancel one or all of the Worship Gatherings, we will make that announcement via the 'GENESIS Website', GENESIS Twitter Feed, and the GENESIS 'Facebook Page' no later than 7AM Sunday morning.



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