My Sunday Morning Wakeup Kyle Asmus

February 25, 2018

Sunday mornings are a bit crazy for me.

Usually, the alarm rings at 4:30 AM. I jump in the shower, grab a granola bar and a cup of coffee, and then I find a quiet spot in my apartment to meet with the Lord before I leave for band rehearsal. Sometimes these moments are fruitful when I feel the presence of God…and sometimes they’re not.

This past Sunday morning was different.

I woke up before my alarm. I had an unusual amount of energy and a desire to use my extra time to jump into Scripture. I scurried through my routine and finally opened the Bible expecting to read the most life-giving, soul-satisfying word from the Lord.

I found myself in Exodus 25-30. The text is a list of all the hyper-specific details for the Tabernacle and its accessories. Honestly, I think this is the section in the Bible that 95% of people pass over because it seems boring and impractical for us. Something strange happened though. I was gripped by the details. The intricacies and regulations for who got to be in the presence of God and how astonished me. These people weren’t messing around - to be in the presence of God was almost burdensome!

Then I realized what I was about to take part in this morning.

I was preparing to drive to church, gather with God’s people, and be in His presence; to worship Him completely free from all the details that I just read. I realized the freedom I was afforded because of Christ. I was reminded that the Great High Priest who entered the Tabernacle once and for all did it so that God could be with His people.

No more regulations. No more specifics. Just people worshipping God, and pointing to Christ and all He’s done in their lives.

I was reminded of the grace of the Gospel.

I’m thankful for my Sunday morning wake up call. It was a great reminder to be thankful, to celebrate the Gospel and the effects of the gospel. God is not hidden away behind curtains and above altars. He is present and we get to enjoy that every week!

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