Simply Jesus Michael Davis

February 1, 2018

SIMPLY JESUS – that is what the Gospel of John is all about.  Jesus – who is He? Why did He come? What did He accomplish? And what does that all mean for me and the world I live in?

As we journey through this phenomenal gospel story, we will learn – whether for the first time or afresh – that Jesus is the Bread of Life that feeds us and the Light of the World that guides our steps.  He is the Gate we enter through for salvation, and Jesus is the Good Shepherd who leads, cares for, and protects us.  He is the Resurrection and Life – the only way we can know God, both now and forever more.  He is the Truth we can trust and the Vine that brings us life to the fullest.

SIMPLY JESUS – the journey Continues on sunday, february 4th.



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