Revolution Kendall Lankford

April 25, 2017

The battle was a short one. He crept behind enemy lines and snuck into the garden palace. He tricked the most powerful king and queen the world had ever known. He subjugated them and all their people in the most bitter slavery imaginable. Their infants would be born in shackles; their elderly would die in cages.

This was the lot of man. It was the beginning of Prince Lucifer’s world-wide reign, the start of an empire that not only darkened the face of the planet but kept every miserable creature, called human, so weak and frail that neither they nor their children couldn’t resist. Every human born of man died the slave of Satan.

But, after thousands of years of unrelenting torture, a challenger arose. A human not born of man – but of woman and of Spirit. A new kind of person - born without the shackles - a man born truly free! With that freedom, He began his resistance: Unshackling captives, rallying soldiers, marching on a collision course encounter - back to that very garden to meet face-to-face with the prince of this fallen world.

As He hanged breathless on the cross, for a moment the heralds of hell went about rejoicing! The last free man was dead…

Until breath filled the dead man’s lungs and palpations shook the dead man’s heart. What Lucifer thought a victory turned out to be His own demise. Jesus had snuck into the garden tomb, tricked the most powerful ruler in all the world, and after three days, overthrew the dragon’s empire, rising loudly back to life! The stone cage they had thrown Him in could not hold the mighty champion.

This began the downfall and the crushing of the serpent. This was the day the revolution began! This was the day Jesus overthrew the tyrant, became King, and started the resistance. To those first rebels He gave the charge

“Now go and do likewise… Go into all the world setting the captives free until people from every tribe tongue and nation have been delivered”. 

Today, that battle rages on. King Jesus sat down on His throne and is leading the uprising. Freed people all across this planet are joining Him in the mission to take back this world. He has shared with us His victory and has thrown off all our chains. Now, it is our privilege to stand and fight until all the world has heard!

For the glory of our champion!


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