Play The Part Michael Davis

July 13, 2018

"All of you together are Christ’s body, and each of you is a part of it."  1 Corinthians 12:27 (NLT)

I’ve been a spectator at many professional and college level sporting events.

I’ve also been a spectator at many concerts, musicals, and theater events.

In many ways, spectating is nice because it does not require much from us.  All you have to do is show up and watch what others are doing and then leave.  In those settings, there is always a cost such as a price for admission, parking, or concessions, but it is usually manageable, which is why we keep on paying it.

But, spectating through our walk with God carries a price tag we should be unwilling to pay.  

When we spectate with God, we end up in a posture of complacency. And once that has settled into our heart, we drift into comfort, and the spiritual muscles needed to grow in our walk with God atrophy. Sadly, the church culture we live in today excels at producing spectators who’ve grown comfortable watching others play the part. 

I’ve been a spectator in the church as well.  I’ve played the part of watching others use their gifts and do the work.  And to be honest, it’s always much easier watching others take steps of trust than for me to step out and trust God for myself.  It’s easier to watch others play the part, but the cost I have paid to spectate far exceeded what I should be willing to pay. 


What would happen if one of my body parts stopped participating and decided to spectate? What if my heart settled into comfort and complacency? Wouldn't my whole body suffer?

The Apostle Paul used the metaphor of the ‘body’ to help people understand how the church was to work. The point is rather simple.  If you are a Christian, you play a part... You are part of the Body of Christ.  I don't know which part you represent, but you represent a part of His Body that is essential for its flourishing.  So, if you are just spectating, then the whole body will feel it. Other parts of the body will have to overwork to compensate, which is never good for a body.

On the other hand, when we are playing our part well, the whole body will begin to function and flourish as it is designed to.

At GENESIS, I don’t want anyone to spectate.  I would love to see a culture of 100% participation just like we see in our own human bodies. Why? Because I want to see every single person flourishing, which can only happen when ALL the parts are working together in unity and harmony for the good of the body. 

My heart for anyone reading this post is that we would no longer be content to be a spectator.  Whether you attend GENESIS or another church, you are invited, dare I say called by God, to play your part in whatever local church you call home.  The beauty of men and women playing their part is that people who have no idea what Jesus is like will begin to catch a glimpse of what He is like through us.

If you’re currently spectating and you just don’t want to do that anymore, fill out the FORM below. Once you click submit, you will either be added to a TEAM right away where you can use your gifts, or you will be followed up with by a leader who will help you get started on a TEAM soon. This form will take all of 60 seconds.  But, in doing so, you will be taking a major step towards helping this body function and flourish so that ALL people might catch a glimpse of who He is. 

 Let’s see what God might do with and through a community that says “I am willing to play my part!”


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