Name Change Kendall Lankford

April 10, 2017


There is a great story about Alexander the Great who was engaged in a very serious battle with his troops. While fighting, one of the soldiers fled the scene, exposing himself as a great coward, an unbelievable embarrassment to the Greeks. After the battle, the coward was apprehended and brought into Alexander’s tent. As the man stood trembling before his general, Alexander looked directly at him and asked, “Why did you run?” The soldier responded by saying, “I was afraid.” Alexander replied, “So I see… What is your name?” Upon hearing the man's name was also Alexander, the mighty leader demanded, “Either change your behavior, or change your name.” 

I like this story, because I can identify with it. As a follower of Christ, I have been given a new and powerful name, “Christian” that announces to the world that I am to be identified with Christ! I am a man who is now His. I share His name! I get to storm the gates of hell with Christ and to tell this world the good news of our great King.

Will my life honor the man whose name I share?

Will I run when it is hard to fight? Will I abandon Him when the temptations and fears rise up against me? Will I stand facing Him one day, trembling because I was afraid to live like Him?

The point for me is clear: if I share the name with Christ, then I ought to live like Christ. If all I want is the benefit of His name without the behavior that goes along with it, I ought to stop calling myself a Christian.

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