More than meets the eye Diana Kapaldo

August 7, 2012

Back in January when we were introduced to The Ask I thought of it as simply asking God to do something big – something only He could do – and then wait for the answer.  It turns out there is so much more to The Ask.  As my family and I ask God to do big things in 2012 He is drawing us closer to Him and revealing to me things I had never considered before.

The Waiting

At the end of January Michael shared with us ways to live between our Ask and God’s answer.  One way was to be faithful, being obedient only to what God calls you to do rather than doing what He has not called you to do. In just the last few weeks God has helped me see another way to be faithful as I wait for His answer:  and that is to be faithful with what God has already given.  For example, if my Ask is that God would restore a broken relationship, then I need to be sure I am faithful in my own relationships.  I need to do my best (with God’s help, of course) to be a godly wife, mother, and friend.  I cannot simply overlook my own relationships as I consider and pray for the relationships of others.  That would be like trying to remove a splinter from someone’s eye when I’ve got a big log sticking out of mine (Matthew 7:3). Or, if my Ask is for God to provide in a really big way, then I need to be a good steward of what He has already provided.  I also need to be content in my current situation as I trust and wait for God to provide.

The Testimony

We ask God to do things all the time: to keep us safe and healthy, heal sickness, provide for our needs, and draw others to Himself.  We ask, He listens, and He answers. Sounds pretty simple. But there’s more to it than that. What God does in between our Ask and His Answer is in some ways more important than the Answer itself. Like we learned in April’s message He’s Not Like This – He’s Like This! God wants us to have a testimony, a testimony that He is real and good.

As you ask God to do big things this year, look around and see how He is working or how He is using you.  As you ask great things of God get excited about being able to share your testimony with those around you – not just after God has answered, but as you are asking, eagerly anticipating His answer, and seeing Him move in you and through you as He answers. I love praying for our Ask with our three girls (ages 4 and younger) and telling them that even though one potential answer didn’t end up working out in the end we have faith that He has something in the works. Walking through our Ask with our girls (and also our Community Group and friends/family) builds up our faith and motivates us to keep asking.

So I encourage you all to keep asking God to do great things only He can do, be faithful with what God has already given you, and get excited to share your story of how God works in you and through you as He answers your Ask!

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