Don't need more Kendall Lankford

June 6, 2017

Why does it seem like some people have more of the Spirit than I do? Why does it seem like they have a better relationship with God and more evidence of Him working in their lives? Could it be that God has given them more of Himself and less of Himself to me? Or could there be another answer? 

As I was thinking about this, I was reminded how some married couples seem to have better marriages that Shannon and I have at this stage in our marriage. But does that mean that they are “more married” than we are? Of course not! We are just as married now as the day we said “I do,” and there is nothing that could ever make us any more married than we are right now. We do not need more marriage; we have all we are ever going to get. 

In the same way, there is nothing that could earn us any more of the Spirit than we already have. God has already given us the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, so there is nothing else that we need or require! Just like the two people who are already fully married, we are already fully filled with the Spirit of God; there is nothing we need to do to get more! We already have enough!

So why do some people still seem to have a better relationship with God?

Their relationship is not better than mine because they have more of Him, but I think it is better because they have learned how to better enjoy Him. Just like a couple who is better at enjoying one another will have a better marriage, so the man or woman who is better at enjoying God will have a better walk with Him. This is not because they are actually "more married" or “more spiritual”, but because they have done what is necessary to enjoy their relationship and they have done the kinds of things that make the other pleased. 

This teaches me that I simply need to do the kinds of things that will cultivate and grow the relationship that He has already given me. I need only do the kinds of things that pleases Him so that I can enjoy my time with Him.  

I am fully His. But even so, there are tangible things I can do to better enjoy Him!


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