Dear Journal Kendall Lankford

April 30, 2018


I normally would not share a journal entry like this publically, but the Lord put it on my heart. 


Saturday 28th 2018

I got Jennabeth’s email today that GENESIS Kids did not have enough volunteers to pull off service. Part of me wanted to ignore it. “I am already serving in other places,” I told myself. But the Lord prodded me to at least check and see how many spots were still open for Sunday. The Lord is sneaky like that… So, I paused the show Graham and I were watching, opened up the services app, and saw that there were no lead teachers in the hangar at the 10:00 AM service. Then the Lord prodded me again with

“why not you?” …

I began my defense.

“God, I know you know all things, and one thing I am sure you know is that I have never served in the Hangar before! In fact, Lord, I have never served as a lead teacher in any of the GENESIS Kids classrooms! Someone else will step up to help. I am just not experienced enough at this to take on the lead role. What if I mess up? What if I do not have time to look at the lesson plan? What if I look like a fool? What if some kid abandons their faith in God and walks away from the church because I am that terrible?”

I know that would never happen, but my mind can come up with some pretty ridiculous things when I’m looking for a way out.  

I Felt The Lord persisting…

“Kendall, have I not promised to be with you?”  

I did not hear God say this audibly, but it may as well have been. I think I even huffed a small huff before mentally conceding and shooting Jennabeth a text. I informed her know that I would serve as the lead teacher for the 10. What was I thinking? She, of course, responded in like 3.7 seconds with “YAY, thank you so much!” and “I will forward you the lesson plan!” What had I gotten myself into?


Sunday 29th 2018

I arrived on my post a little early, and thankfully Kyla was there. She was planning on helping me since both of us knew I had no idea what I was doing. She even agreed to lead the kids through the worship part, which is great because I have no rhythm and detest the thought of anything that even resembles dancing. I’m literally that guy people feel sad for at a wedding because I just will not dance.

Then my time came…

This was the moment I had been anxious about. I was nervous. Unsure of myself. Doubting whether I should have signed up for this and wanting to retreat. But, I knew God had promised to be with me, so I walked to the front of the room, turned to face the kids, and just started talking.

It was at this moment God confirmed all over again that He was with me.

I had the lesson plan with me but I noticed something really cool. In that very moment, God met me where I was at. He let me battle through all of my excuses and insecurities, all the way until it was my time to speak, just to show me that He is with me.

I got excited!

He began giving me a genuine love for the kids, clarity on what to say, and even began bringing things into my head that were not on the lesson plan to help the kids understand the point of the lesson.

God reminded me all over again that He loves these kids way more than I do and that He will show up to help me if I will just step out and try. I do not have to be experienced, I just need to be willing. He reminded me that He won’t let me do it in my own strength because these kids are too important to Him.

I was so encouraged!


If you have been thinking about serving, just jump in! You may be nervous. You may not know what you are doing, and you may not feel very qualified. You do not need to be. God always shows up and when He does, it is so encouraging!

We get to see Him best when we move out of our comfort zone.


For more information on being a teacher, or simply serving in GENESIS Kids, email Jennabeth at  

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