Connect Michael Davis

February 15, 2018

Connection is something we all crave.  No matter what your personality type is we all desire being connected.  That’s how we were created, not for isolation, but for community.  Connection is in our DNA. We are fashioned and formed by a relational God to experience relationship with God and with the world around us. 

At GENESIS, our two primary vehicles for connection are GROUPS and TEAMS.  These are the primary ways we see people forming friendships, and when friendships are formed we see people growing in friendship with God. 

But connecting is getting more difficult.  In a world that is getting busier and busier, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for organic impromptu catch up sessions at the coffee shop to take place.  It’s not impossible for that to happen, but it takes a lot of initiative and intentionality to make that happen.

Interestingly enough, social media was created for connection.  Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook as a vehicle to connect people to one another.  I don’t believe his intent was to keep people in front of their screens for hours on end with never actually connecting face to face.  Sadly, that is what has happened.  People look at what others are doing from a distance without ever joining in.

What happens when life within the church begins to reflect social media?  Watching from a distance but never really connecting with others in meaningful ways?  What happens when we begin to ‘like’ the stories of others and all they're experiencing within community as if it’s a Facebook status update but never enter into the community that you ‘like’?


The result is large groups of people living in isolation from one another – close in proximity – but relationally removed from one another.

As mentioned above, GROUPS and TEAMS are the vehicles we use to foster and form friendships and connection with one another.  But like anything, there needs to be a bridge for those vehicles to cross.  And this is where social media plays a role within GENESIS.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and the GENESIS website are bridges we use to help people learn about connection within the GENESIS community.  Simply put, they are a means to an end.  The purpose they serve is to inform, encourage, and help people get connected within community – they are not community in and of themselves.  To say that you follow GENESIS on Instagram or Twitter but are not engaged within the community would be like living on the bridge but never crossing over it.

We are committed to connecting people so that we can ‘Help ALL people walk with God.’  If the bridges towards connection change in time, we are ok with that, but we will not be ok with men and women missing out on friendship with God in the context of friendship with one another.

Here are a few bridges towards connection…

  Make sure to click "GET NOTIFICATIONS" to see GENESIS posts. 

  Make sure to turn on "POST NOTIFICATIONS" to see GENESIS posts.

   Make sure to "FOLLOW" to see all GENESIS tweets.

   A library of GENESIS worship videos.

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