Jesus established for His followers that we are to give our lives in service to the glory of God and the good of others.  At GENESIS – everybody gets to serve... everybody gets to be part of a TEAM.  Everybody is invited to participate with what God is doing with and through GENESIS.  Serving on a TEAM is not something we have to do, rather, it's something we get to do.  As you serve on a TEAM, you will grow in your relationship with God and you build meaningful relationships with those that you serve alongside.

There are three TEAMS that you can be part of within GENESIS: GENESIS Kids (Jennabeth Jackson), Hospitality (Kyle Asmus), and Music & Creative (Sarah Detweiler).

If you have questions about joining a TEAM at GENESIS, please contact either Jennabeth, Kyle, or Sarah.

Jennabeth Jackson GENESIS Kids Director

Kyle Asmus Associate Pastor